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Peat Depth Surveys

For hydro schemes

Over the summer we have carried out a few Peat Depth Surveys for a client. These have been related to potential hydro schemes. They are initially undertaken on a site wide grid to gain an overview of the typical peat depths at the site and how these vary across the site in relation to the topography and other features. Several measurements are made at, and immediately around each grid point to ensure that the peat is measured to full depth without anomalous measurements associated with the probe hitting localised underground obstructions. A highly accurate GPS unit is used to ensure measurements are recorded precisely and evenly across the site. The peat depth data collected is inputted into GIS software enabling detailed analysis of the data to be undertaken and findings to be easily visualised. The data can then be used to optimise the site layout so as to minimise the development impacts on the peatlands whilst taking account of other constraints.

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