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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are used to analyse and record relationships and patterns which occur within spatial data. The use of GIS in ecology and environmental disciplines is becoming a fundamental tool for recording and analysing data.  It  enables us to produce clear, accurate and professional maps and aids the decision making process providing supporting material and evidence for legislative obligations. Diverse Ecology can offer a full GIS service using the latest ESRI ArcGIS software.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced team who can source and work with initial data, undertake appropriate analysis and then supply and map the results in the formats that you require.  These include ecological connectivity studies, open space mapping, habitat mapping using aerial photography and data transfer from paper maps. We are able to competently examine, interpret and explain the findings of GIS analysis, providing meaningful data and setting the information gained in an ecological context. We have the flexibility within an ArcGIS  project to display your results as models, paper maps, tables, statistics,  presentation slides or on other mediums to suit your requirements

Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP)

The 2014-20 SRDP (Scottish Rural Development Programme) offers funding for rural Scotland. A key aim of the SRDP is to deliver natural heritage benefits including biodiversity, landscape, climate change, water and soil quality, and public access. The SRDP is a “one stop shop” of different types of grant scheme brought together by the Scottish Government in partnership with other public bodies including SNH and Forestry Commission Scotland.

The principle schemes forming the core of the SRDP are as follows:

As part of the work involved in collaborating data for these schemes an integral part of the application are the maps which provide the information regarding the areas involved. This may include the following depending of which schemes are being applied for:

GIS systems and support can be customised to client requirements.

The maps must be marked clearly and accurately and be consistent with your details in your Proposal. If you are carrying out a number of operations on the same area, you may need to use more than one map to ensure that the details are clear.

Your map(s) must:
Copyright issues:

Any organisation or person wanting to copy Ordnance Survey based maps for their own business or private use must either be licensed by the Ordnance Survey, or apply for permission each time a copy is required and keep to the terms of that permission.

It is the responsibility of the applicant (or the agent acting on his/her behalf) to ensure that any copyright responsibilities are met. The Ordnance Survey provides licences to many bodies (e.g. local authorities, various professional organisations and business firms, etc.) and to individual customers who have a regular need to copy OS material.


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