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Ecological Clerk of Works

Ecological Clerk of Works for Hydro Schemes

Over the past couple years we have been called into be the Ecological Clerk of Works on hydro scheme projects during their construction.

Hydro schemes being built in National Parks and  conservation areas tend to require an ECoW to overlook the project and highlight any environmental concerns before they become an issue. This can be crucial to the success of ecological mitigation measures and minimisation of ecological impacts.  On-site guidance is given to contractors to ensure compliance with all planning conditions.

Toolbox induction talks, Species Protection Plans and Species Posters are provided to the construction site workers to ensure their awareness for any species of concern on the site. Information regarding silt traps and suggestions of where these may be required is passed on to the site manager. Presence on site during sensitive in stream procedures to document and assess activity. Site reports are provided after each visit, these will document what has been achieved on site between visits and illustrate how the site has carried on suggestions from the last visit.

Diverse Ecology will recommend the latest best practice techniques and help find practical  solutions. We endeavour to ensure that sensitive ecological issues are identified early and managed accordingly whilst recognising the need for the client to progress with the development to a required time-scale

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